Two Year Update

Gabby and Paul Palmer

A message from the owners...

“We can hardly believe that this October marked the two-year anniversary since we took over at Mackenzies. After launching straight into Christmas 2019, we started 2020 with ambition and a plan to grow and improve the café, followed by some work expanding the shop and a bit of development on the smokehouse products. Then COVID came along and changed everything!

“In 2021 we redeveloped and expanded the shop footprint and range and welcomed two small boutique businesses in Pure Natural Therapy and Farm Interiors to the experience. There were some challenges; unfortunately, the café struggled to get going with the stop-start opening/closing of hospitality and similarly, while more retailers were taking our smoked products, the opportunities to supply local restaurants and caterers shrank.

“As we head for 2022, and the start of our third year, things have now settled and the platform for phase two is set. The café has reopened permanently, with Rob finding his feet and he has it almost back to full swing. The Smokehouse has gone from strength to strength. Our Head of Manufacturing has taken the quality of our products to a new level and more customers than ever are stocking them. Finally, the increased range in the shop has seen us retain all those new customers that gave us a try for their shopping during lockdown when supermarkets were letting them down.”


So, what's going to be even better in 2022?  

“While the shop and café will stay on the current site, the Smokehouse will be growing into a new purpose-built site just a couple of miles down the road to cope with the huge increase in demand from other retailers and restaurants for our renowned smoked products. The good news is this will give us the opportunity to showcase the existing smokehouse to our lovely shop customers. We'll be putting in a window to the smoking kilns so you can see the products smoking from the shop, we'll be offering smokehouse tours, tasting events, hand carved smoked salmon, bacon and other products served in the shop straight from the kilns and carved right in front of you! In addition, there'll be the opportunity to bring your own products in for us to smoke for you.

“In the café we'll be offering an even bigger and better menu. Our chefs have worked wonders in their tiny little kitchen so we're now going to expand the area to give them improved facilities for an improved working environment and enable them to service our customers more efficiently. Look out for our exclusive smoked product tasting experiences for the ultimate lunch experience. In addition, they'll be further developing our 'chef's own' range of sourdough pizzas and fresh ready meals from lasagne and fish pie to beef stew. These will be available for you to buy and takeaway from the shop and enjoy restaurant quality food in your very own home.

“Finally, watch out for an exciting partnership with one of North Yorkshire's top award-winning butchers. Our in-house butcher, Paul, has done a fantastic job adding numerous local farms as suppliers. As demand has grown and he works harder and harder to keep up, we are very excited to announce we'll be working alongside this famous local name that will see our butchery counter expanding in size and range. Once we've renovated, our butchers will be right there in front of you to cut and prepare your fresh meat to order.

“We're looking forward to welcoming you in the coming months as we head into Christmas. As always, and most importantly, please do feel free to ask to speak to either of us directly, at any time, with your suggestions or feedback on what you'd like us to do to enhance your Mackenzies Farm Shop experience.”